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February 28, 2006



I think it odd that NASCAR has taken away races for low attendance but they let this one ride. The only reason? It is in LA...a big market? It apparently isn't interested. Take the races back to places where they are interested...
North Wilkesboro or Rockingham...or give the 2nd race back to Darlington! That would make us all happy!


I think you got it - 3/4s of the stands full in LA is still more than they got at Rockingham


I was at the race. It wasn't near as emepy as it looked. There ARE a lot of people shopping and a lot of people trek infield to the big party. Many of who had seats but got invited into the "where the action is". There were more people infield this year than I have ever seen. It's a fun track. I hope they never dump it. You two should come down in Sept and stay infied with us in our bus. It's a blast. Are you going to Vegas?


Can't go to Vegas - I'll be in Cancun next week. May just take you up on the Calofornia offer, though!

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